Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge

Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge

A selection of interactive performances that you - yes, you! - can perform live on a Twitch stream. Each performance reads live input from Twitch chat, so the audience will directly impact the performance.

After doing the performances you are invited to an on-air interview with Artholomew himself, to discuss your artistic vision and the meaning at the heart of your creations.

A MAZE Berlin 2022 Nominee

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What is Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge?

Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge is an interactive livestream game for making beautifl performance art. Whether you're the streamer on-camera, or an audience member chiming in, everyone makes a meaningful contribution to the creation!

The performer may be making a painting, reading an audiobook, or perhaps even dancing, and the viewers can type into chat to change the performance. The software will immediately respond to the user's changes and the performer must respond in kind!

A MAZE Berlin 2022 Nominee

Taking Part
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Taking Part: as a Streamer

To try performing yourself, download the software from the link below.

You will need a Twitch account to broadcast to, and broadcasting software such as OBS, in order to screen-capture the game for the Twitch stream.


This is an in-development version of the software, so if you have any issues please contact Artholomew's assistant Alistair on Twitter @agAitcheson or by email

Taking Part: as a Viewer

Artholomew's assistant Alistair regularly streams the challenges on his Twitch channel.

Join live at

Taking Part: on a Discord channel

If you'd like to try out the performances but are reluctant to broadcast to the general public, you can connect Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge to a Discord server instead of Twitch.

Follow this link for how to connect the game to Discord

The Challenges

Below is a brief descrpition of every task in the Stream Challenge. With each is a link to see the challenge in action.


Twitch stream from 14 Aug 2022

Create a painting directed by markers left by the audience's chat messages.


Twitch stream from 23 Jan 2022

Read a book while the audience edits it live.


Twitch stream from 5 Feb 2022

This stream is sponsored by anything the audience types into chat. You must convince them to buy!


Twitch stream from 21 Mar 2022

Come up with 200 new ideas in 2 hours.


Twitch stream from 23 Apr 2022

Viewers add dance moves by typing into chat and the computer choreographs them into a routine for you to perform.


Twitch stream from 25 Apr 2022

Your microphone signal is converted into loops that your audience can sequence into patterns. Duet with yourself!


Twitch stream from 18 Jun 2022

Viewers provide characters and locations, the computer uses them to generate a rough script outline, and you must come up with a story that fits!

Interview with Artholomew Video

Twitch stream from 2 May 2022

The finale of the challenge is an interview with Artholomew Video himself.

Here you can reflect on your experience, what you've learnt, and ask the most important question: is it art?

About the Stream Challenge

Artholomew Video and his Stream Challenge are created by Alistair Aitcheson

Follow Alistair on Twitter for updates on the public beta and details of workshopping sessions.

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